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We are now offering complete GP Preparation sessions!

If you are getting ready to become a GP trainee after your medical career, get in touch with us and we will guide you to outstanding results. 

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Dr Sujeen Chandramoorthy is one of the course tutors who will be focusing on covering all aspects of the selection center . . . .


Dr Laleesh Chandramoorthy is one of the course tutors who will be covering teaching on the selection center interview scenarios . . . .


Dr Aniruthan Renukanthan is one of our course tutors, who will be covering teaching on the clinical problem solving and professional . . . .

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Our vow to you, is you will be taught by those who have excelled in GP examinations themselves. As such, Stage 2 is taught by direct entry doctors and stage 3 is taught by those who scored full marks in the simulation.

Full Day Course

Our 1-day intensive course will address the two main hurdles people face when gaining entry into GP. The GP stage 2 exam which compromises a clinical problem solving paper and professional dilemma/SJT paper - also known as the multi-specialty recruitment assessment (MSRA). The GP stage 3 exam which is at the selection center will also be covered.

Skype Sessions

We know that during GP Exam preparation, trainees often encounter areas where they need special Attention. Which is why we offer one-to-one Skype sessions for all your queries, doubts and concerns. It also gives us the opportunity to teach you valuable tricks and tips about the GP Exams.

Our testimonials

Incredibly realistic and invaluably useful. Especially for stage 3 preparation. I scored full marks in the written exercise, no doubt due to the courses excellent teaching. Really fun and interactive course, a very enjoyable and confidence boosting day.
Jacob Andrew
Direct offer. Really useful course, helpful tips and good information and really straightforward. Well presented
Harry Mason
Opportunity to practice MSRA questions to time and practice stage 3 scenarios with direct feedback Small group format Tried and tested structured approach to stage 3 scenarios.
Charlie William
Great course giving me the chance to practice with real people. I found the chance to do a timed written exercise with individualized feedback invaluable. Really well run course, thank you so much!
Dawood Virak